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Florida sees more lightning strikes per year than any other state. And since lightning tends to strike the tallest thing around, this means many of our trees are also struck by lightning.

When lightning strikes a tree, it can kill or weaken it immediately. Trees close to your home (typically within 10 feet) can also cause increased rick of side-flashes, which is when lightning strikes a tall tree and then jumps to something nearby that is more conductive, such as metal.

At Anderson Tree Care, our tree experts can work with you to protect your trees from lightning, which, in turn, will also serve to protect your home. It all starts with installing a lightning protection system on your tees. While not guaranteed, these systems are designed and installed to ANSI A300 standards and they are effective and diffusing lightning. These systems do not deter nor attract lighting, however they are designed to intercept a lighting bolt, therefore limiting or eliminating damage to your tree.

These systems are designed to last up to 30 years. With periodic maintenance checks, it’s unlikely that you’ll need replace the cable. As long as the copper cable is placed as high in the tree as it can be and buried well into the soil, you’re looking at tree protection for years to come!

Whether it’s a tree that’s close to your home or a loved tree in the middle of your property and away from structures, we’ll work with you to protect it. Call the experts at Anderson Tree Care today.

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An unlicensed company presents a gamble that you don’t want to risk. Anderson Tree Care has the required licenses to that has you covered.

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Anderson Tree Care is not only the best tree care service in the Ocala area, it is one of the easiest to work with. I was very impressed with the quality of their work, and their honesty. I had thought I had a tree that needed to be removed because it was dying, and they explained it just needed some attention, and strategic trimming. Well I decided to take their advice, and I’m glad I did! The tree is doing great and is one of the highlights of my yard!

David Gaiardo

I needed a tree removed from my back yard as well as some other trees trimmed back…. Joey Anderson and his team were awesome!!! They didn’t not leave a mess or anything! I highly recommend him to anyone needing professional services!!!!

Somer Roth

Just had service done today trimmed my palm trees, Excellent service would highly recommend this company very professional if I could rate higher than a 5 I would 😊

Tammy Silvey-Marcum


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