Do trees grow back after being cut down?

Do Trees Grow Back After Being Cut Down?

Have you recently cut down a tree? Is the stump sprouting new growth? When it comes to tree cutting, leaving the stump and the roots can potentially lead to continuing growth and several other issues. Understanding why trees grow back after being cut down and how to combat this will ultimately save you lots of time and money. Here, we’ll break down why this happens and how to get the stump easily removed.

Do trees grow back after being cut down?

Yes, even if you’ve had a tree chopped down, the tree stump and roots can continue promoting growth and sprouting. But why does this happen? When a tree is cut, sometimes there will still be enough nutrients stored in the roots. The tree’s survival instinct will lead it to produce sprouts in an attempt to reproduce.

When a tree is cut down and attempts to continue surviving, there may be one or several sprouts that appear. If left unattended to, these sprouts can become unstable trees, as they won’t have a stable root plate. This poses an immense safety hazard.

If these sprouts do not appear, then it is unlikely the tree will regrow. However, leaving a dead tree stump in your yard is not always the best decision.

What happens to a stump after tree cutting?

If you’re debating whether or not to get a stump removed after cutting a tree, be sure to consider the following:

Tree stumps are hazards

If you have children or pets running around, a tree stump sticking out can become a huge safety hazard. It will also make yard maintenance more difficult and potentially dangerous.

Decomposing tree stumps can invite lots of pests and insects

As a tree stump decomposes, it becomes a small ecosystem where insects and pests will be drawn to. This can lead to bugs like ants and termites making their way to your home.

Tree stumps can damage the look of your land

A tree stump will stick out like a sore thumb and ruin the picturesque beauty of your lawn. IF there are multiple stumps, the overall aesthetic of the land can be ruined. This will ultimately ruin the property value of your home.

Tree stumps can promote fungal growth

Along with pests and insects, dangerous fungi and bacteria can feed off the stump and lead to further issues.

Stump Removal in Ocala

Safely and effectively removing a tree stump will require the help of a professional arborist. Stump removal requires special equipment that can be quite difficult to use, so it is best to leave the risky work to a professional in your area. For quality stump removal services in Ocala, look no further than Anderson Tree Care. Contact Anderson Tree Care today for a free estimate!

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