Do Trees Need to be Trimmed for the Winter?

There is a common misconception that trees should not be pruned during the winter. In reality, this time of year is fantastic for pruning and tree removal. Pruning in the winter time is known as “dormant pruning,” since this is a time where trees shed their leaves and wait until warmer temperatures to continue growing. Let’s go through some of the benefits to trimming your trees during the winter. 


Benefits For Your Trees

Pruning trees in the winter is an effective way of catching diseases that actively spread during the spring and summer. In the winter time, bacteria, fungi, and insects that spread disease are usually dead or dormant, so disease is less likely to be contracted when pruning. Trees that are especially vulnerable to disease are typically only pruned during this season.


Trimming a tree during the winter also causes less stress for a tree since it is dormant. Winter pruning will not stimulate new growth, but trimming done in the fall will likely stimulate growth that is killed in the cold weather shortly after. Trimming in the winter allows for the tree to fully heal from pruning cuts before blooming in spring. 


Another benefit to winter pruning is the visibility of the tree itself. When pruning a tree, it is important to make the right trims to improve the overall health of the tree. In the winter, the falling of leaves makes it easier to see the structure and identify any dangerous branches. 


Benefits For Your Home

If you want your tree to look its best this spring, trimming in the winter is ideal for rejuvenating its greenery. This will allow for your tree to grow better and stronger than ever. Trimming in the winter will also minimize the time you’ll have to see a pruned tree, which simply looks like a bunch of sticks. 


Damaged or dying trees in the winter can be dangerous. Dormant pruning not only makes them safer and prevents any injury or property damage, but it also gives a weak or diseased tree time to heal and rejuvenate in its dormancy. 

It’s important to keep in mind that although pruning is beneficial in the winter, this is not necessarily true for all kinds of trees.If you’re unsure whether or not you should prune your tree during the winter, contact Anderson Tree Care for a high quality arborist. Pruning is essential for both tree growth and property safety, so contact Anderson Tree Care today for a free estimate.

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