How do I keep a tree growing?

How Do I Keep a Tree Growing?

Having healthy, prosperous trees on your property is a great way to boost the beauty of the land. But what happens if a tree refuses to grow when you plant it? What if a tree has been there for a long time, but has suddenly stopped growing? Let’s go through some tips on how to keep a tree growing and thriving.

Lawn Care

When it comes to landscaping on your property, hiring a professional lawn maintenance company is the best way to ensure safe and knowledgeable care of your trees. Performing lawn maintenance on your own or hiring unlicensed amateurs may be causing more harm than good. If equipment is hitting or even slightly scraping your tree, it is causing injuries that can greatly affect its health. A tree, although large and sturdy, is incredibly sensitive and insufficient lawn care can be a main source of the problem. With experienced professionals, you can guarantee that your trees will thrive.

Caring for the Roots

Healthy roots are the key to a healthy tree. Caring for your tree’s root systems entails good soil that will provide lots of nutrients. Using fertilizer and a root stimulator can also give your tree a boost to keep growing.

Using mulch around the roots of your trees can also greatly help with growth. Mulch will cool the soil, conserve moisture, and reduce the amount of weeds around your tree. If the roots aren’t absorbing water, putting fresh soil with some mulched leaves can help the tree.

Tree Pruning

Pruning and trimming trees is an essential way of promoting growth. However, it is important to prune in the right season and to not over prune to ensure that the tree is not being harmed. This is once again where professional tree care services will come in handy. Distinguishing dead or dying branches as well as having experience with professional tools are something amateurs lack experience in. Certified arborists will not only prune your tree into a nice shape that will keep your property looking nice, but they will effectively care for the tree to keep it healthy and growing.

Tree pruning is also dependent on the kind of tree. Fruit trees are much different than palm trees, for example. Trimming will require attention to detail and extensive arbor knowledge. Simply cutting off a few branches will not do the trick.

Get Help from Professionals

For high quality lawn maintenance and tree care, look no further than Anderson Tree Care. Professional and knowledgeable arborists are the key to both the beauty and safety of your tree and your home. Contact Anderson Tree Care today for a free estimate.

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