Signs a Tree’s Growth is Being Stifled

Do you have a tree on your property that doesn’t seem to be growing, or isn’t growing as quickly as others on the property? There are several reasons this may be happening—let’s break down some situations that will inadvertently cause tree growth impairment. 


Accidental Over-Watering

A frequent problem that occurs and leads to stifling tree growth is over-watering. When growing a tree, it is typically assumed that more water is always the better option—this is not the case. Although newly planted trees should be watered frequently, an established tree’s watering schedule is much less intense. 

Generally, a tree should be watered every two weeks, except in the case of a drought. If the soil surrounding the tree is moist, it does not need to be watered. Before watering a tree, check the soil to ensure it is not being over-watered. It is also best to water trees slowly, rather than turning a hose or sprinkler on to full power.

Older Trees

While some trees can go to live for centuries, others are only expected to live a few decades. If the tree you are trying to grow is older, it is likely due to a natural decline in growth that happens to older trees. The lifespan of a tree is definitely something you will want to consider, as it may be the answer if there are no other underlying issues. However, if your tree is not very mature and it is not being over-watered, it may be a more complicated matter. 


Tree Health Issues

Another situation that frequently leads to stifled tree growth is health issues that come about when a tree is not properly nourished. Be sure to apply tree fertilizer annually to ensure that your trees have all the nutrients necessary to fight off diseases and stay structurally sound. 

Malnourished trees will not only stop growing, they will become more susceptible to pests and diseases that can bring about a plethora of issues, such as broken branches and a shorter life span. A diseased tree will not grow and thrive, nor will it look as beautiful and healthy as others. This can have seriously damaging effects on the look and quality of your landscaping. 


What’s the Solution?

Healthy trees add more to just the value of your property. They bring clean air and beautiful scenery that cannot compare. If you are worried something may be off with your tree, contact Anderson Tree Care for a professional tree risk assessment. Anderson Tree Care works to preserve your tree and ensure it is safe, healthy, and beautiful. 

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