What’s Hanging on my Tree?

Whether you’re a Florida native or you moved as an adult, we’re sure you’ve seen that gray stuff hanging from trees and shrubbery here in Florida. Native to Mexico, Spanish moss is prevalent all throughout the south, especially Florida. You’ll find it hanging from trees, shrubs, telephone poles, pretty much anything and everything. 

Sometimes homeowners will be concerned that Spanish moss will harm their trees, but that’s not quite the case. Contrary to popular belief, Spanish moss isn’t parasitic, so it won’t harm your tree. It’s actually an epiphyte, meaning it gets all of its nutrients from the air and rainwater. It simply uses the tree branches as support.

Although Spanish moss isn’t harmful to your trees, you have to be careful when handling it! Spanish moss can host red bugs, also known in the south as chiggers. There are small mites that can burrow under the skin causing a rash. So, if you’re looking to get rid of your Spanish moss, give us a call!

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