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What Do You Need to Grow a Tree?

A growing tree, like any other plant or living thing, will have particular needs in order to thrive and flourish. Understanding how to help a tree grow can seem complicated, so we’ve broken down the three basic needs a tree has and provided tips for how you can easily give your tree everything it needs to grow. Let’s dive in!

Help the Roots with Soil

When a young tree is uprooted and planted in a new area, it is likely to experience what is known as ‘transplant shock’. This happens because trees can lose a large amount of their root systems when being moved. The older a tree is, the more time it will need to become adjusted to the change.

In order to help your tree adjust to its surroundings, you’ll want to help the roots as much as possible. Using soil at least three feet deep will allow water to flow right to the roots.

If the roots of your tree are bound tightly or tangled together and still in the shape of the pot, the tree will not be able to grow. You’ll need to untangle them to the best of your ability before planting so that your tree will be able to absorb water and nutrients.

Boost Moisture for Growth

The right amount of moisture will keep your tree healthy and growing properly. Moisture for your tree is a game of balance, as you need to simultaneously allow for air exchange. Trees need both water and air, so you want to make sure the tree isn’t dehydrated or drowning.

Figuring out the right moisture goes back to the kind of soil. Soil that has too much gravel or is sandy will not be able to hold enough water for a tree. Heavy soils, on the other hand, will hold too much water and not allow the tree to breathe.

Every Tree Needs Sunlight

While it sounds like a no-brainer that a tree needs sunlight, you’ll want to take into account any obstacles that may prevent your tree from receiving direct sunlight. If the leaves of your tree are blocked by buildings or other trees, photosynthesis (the process a tree uses to create food from sunlight) will not be able to occur.

With these three basics in mind, you now have a better understanding of what a tree needs to thrive. If you think you may need extra guidance on how to care for your tree, or if you’re searching for quality tree care service in Ocala, contact Anderson Tree Care today!

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