When to Trim a Fruit Tree

When to Trim a Fruit Tree

Fruit trees are a beautiful addition to a southern landscape, with brightly colored flowers and a beautiful harvest. To keep fruit trees healthy and routinely producing fruit, it is imperative that you trim them regularly. Fruit tree pruning is also beneficial, as it can help you either control the vigorous growth of a tree or promote a small tree to grow faster. 


The key to pruning or trimming a fruit tree is only doing it when it is truly necessary. Cutting branches will limit a tree’s growth and could potentially open areas for decay to enter. Pruning when necessary will help prevent damage from breakage, disease, and hitting other objects. With younger trees, it is essential to leave most of the branches when trimming, as small branches will help the tree get established quickly and mature properly. Once the tree is mature, you can choose to remove them.


Which Seasons Should You Prune? 

Which season you prune your fruit tree will determine the effects it has on the tree overall. Typically speaking, fruit trees are pruned in late winter to help promote growth quickly. If you’re looking to control the growth of your fruit tree instead, summer pruning will effectively slow down the tree’s growth. 


What to Look For

You will want to be sure to keep an eye out for dead or diseased branches. They have the potential of becoming perilous if not properly removed. If a branch is brittle, lacks foliage, or has visible decay, chances are the branch should be removed. 


It is also important to look out for fruit spurs. These will look different depending on the type of fruit your tree yields, but it is important to not cut off branches with fruit spurs. The flower buds on these spurs will look different from regular leaf buds. Be sure to not prune fruit spurs as it will decrease the amount of fruit your tree grows in the following season. 


Help from Professionals

With how difficult pruning and trimming can be, it is wise to consider hiring professionals to expertly care for your tree. Professional tree care services can thoroughly care for your tree, setting you up to harvest as much fruit as possible. It is best to avoid unlicensed companies, as they can cause more problems than they solve. Arborists certified by the International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) are sure to provide the highest quality of care.

Anderson Tree Care meets all these requirements and more! For the highest quality fruit tree care, contact Anderson Tree Care to keep your trees healthy and prosperous year-round.

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