When to Trim a Magnolia Tree

Southern Magnolias are beautiful trees native to Florida, and are some of the most popular trees throughout the state, especially here in Ocala. Deciding when and how to go about trimming a magnolia tree in Ocala comes down to both timing and what you desire from your magnolia tree. Let’s dive into some general guidelines that will keep your tree looking healthy and beautiful. 


When is the Best Time to Trim a Magnolia Tree? 

Late spring or summer is generally the best season to consider pruning or trimming a magnolia tree, as this will decrease the likelihood of attracting insects that may bring disease. It’s important to consider that magnolia trees are not typically pruned as frequently as other trees, since they do not heal as quickly. 


When considering magnolia pruning in Ocala, there are a few details that should be taken into account. Primarily, make sure to prune just after the magnolia finishes flowering, because pruning too late after flowering can risk losing buds for the next season’s flowers. You should also be conscious about how much you prune. Trimming less will ensure that your magnolia tree stays as healthy as possible. 


There are a couple exceptions when trimming a magnolia tree may be necessary. In Ocala, storms and hurricanes are common occurrences, which can frequently cause damage to magnolia trees. Magnolia trimming in the case of ensuring its structure and stability may be necessary to prevent further damage in a storm. Trimming a magnolia tree is also necessary if you see any dead or broken branches, as this can greatly affect the health of your tree. 


When trimming a magnolia tree, it is ideal to try and keep it in a conical shape, as this is typically how they grow naturally. Sometimes, uncontrollable factors like the amount of light it gets can lead to the magnolia tree growing in a strange shape. However, trimming the tree can help train it to grow in a desirable shape. 


Trimming By Professionals

Pruning and trimming a magnolia tree can be a daunting task, especially if you don’t have previous experience with tree care. You may want to consider hiring a professional team to carefully trim your magnolia tree. Avoid unlicensed tree care companies, as they can cause more problems than they solve. Arborists certified by the International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) are sure to provide the highest quality of care.

Anderson Tree Care is the highest quality tree care company in Ocala, qualified to care for your magnolia tree. For the best magnolia tree care, contact Anderson Tree Care TODAY to keep your trees healthy and beautiful.

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